Minimalist Anti Aging Skin care advice

A minimalist Anti-Aging skincare routine often pops up so we thought it was time to address it, especially with the emphasis on simplifying on this blog. Skincare routines change as your skin develops, and are largely dependent on your age, skin-type, diet and allergies amongst other things.

As you get older, your collagen and elastin levels in the skin begin to decrease. This can cause your skin to feel and look ‘loose’, pores can appear larger, scars can become more prominent. Your skin’s natural repair process slows down.

So, what can you do?

You want to have a skincare routine that replenishes your skin, and reduces further damage. We’re all for simplifying and minimising the amount of steps this takes, what we recommend is as follows

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser for Anti-Aging
  • Use a gentle cleanser. You might think harsher cleansers aren’t doing much harm, but often the damage isn’t immediate. It’s gradual wear that can cause premature ageing, so ensure you use a cleanser that won’t dry your skin out. As you get older, sebum production also decreases, which can make your skin drier in general which brings us onto the next point
TheBodyShop Vitamin E moisturiser for Anti-Aging
  • Moisturise. This is crucial due to reduced moisture in your skin, you want to use a moisturiser that will last all day (typically oil-based) because who wants to reapply moisturiser several times a day. Moisturising will also ensure fewer fine lines appear over time.
Neutrogena SPF 50 to reduce premature aging
  • SPF. Always. This is a no-brainer, doesn’t matter what age you are SPF is crucial. The sun is the number one contributor to premature aging of your skin.
The Ordinary Chemical Exfoliant for minimalist skincare routine
  • Exfoliate. (Less frequently however, and consider using Chemical Exfoliants). It’s important to wash away those dead skin cells but using physical exfoliants excessively can cause unwanted damage. Instead, consider using a chemical exfoliant in the form of a serum, which is much kinder to the skin.
Neutrogena Anti-Aging Minimalist Skincare Serum
  • Anti-aging serums. While some people debate the efficacy of these, I think the ingredients included are often good for the skin anyway; regardless of whether they slow aging. Consider using these under the eyes, neck, and forehead, where fine lines are most likely to appear.
Apple reflecting diet to reduce premature aging
  • Focus on your diet! The quality of your skin is also largely dependent on what you eat, so ensure you keep hydrated and consume the right foods. An article on this soon!

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