Minimalist Korean Skincare

We’re all looking to simplify our lives, your current Korean Skin Care routine might have several steps which are far from minimalistic. We’ll give you a few tips to transform your hectic skin care routine to one that is low maintenance, and stress free.

You might have heard/tried the Korean Skincare routine, however for some it is quite daunting. This routine often contains a lot more steps (10-step routine), with the addition of certain products you might typically not use. The steps are usually as follows

  1. Cleanser (Oil-based) / Makeup removers
  2. Water-based cleanser
  3. Exfoliator
  4. Toner
  5. Essence
  6. Treatment
  7. Sheet mask
  8. Eye Cream
  9. Moisturise
  10. SPF

But our routines are getting more hectic, so finding time for this may not always be possible. Still want glowing Korean-like skin? Read on:

This is how we would condense the routine:

  1. Cleanser (Complete). We believe a two-step cleansing process to be unnecessary, if the cleanser you’re using isn’t doing the job consider being more thorough, or perhaps invest in another. Cleansing twice can be harsh on the skin and can cause skin dryness.
  2. Exfoliate. We recommend doing this a maximum of 2-3 times a week, physical exfoliants are slowly being pushed out for chemical ones, as they are less damaging to the skin while providing the same results.
  3. Treatment (Serums, etc). This would include anti-aging, chemical exfoliants, hydrators etc.
  4. Eye Cream. Eliminate those bags and fine lines, this is the key to looking fresh always.
  5. Moisturiser (With SPF). Consider using a moisturiser with added SPF instead of having two individual products. Doing so will mean less product is applied (prevent clogged pores), and you’ll have one less product to worry about. SPF 50 works the best of course, but it depends on the time of year.

You might be wondering why we got rid of the toning step, we find toner to be an unnecessary addition. Read more here on simplifying your skincare routine

– Obviously Skincare

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