How To Improve Your Skin Complexion, Fast

Are you trying to improve your Skin Complexion quickly? Worried about blackheads, acne, and dull skin? Read on to find out how to remedy this, as well as general skincare tips to keep you looking fresh

We won’t be including an exact time frame here (e.g. get clearer skin in 3 days), as we’ve all different skin types and lifestyles. However, following the steps below could yield improvements in just 24 hours. Three key elements are involved, your skin care routine, your diet, and your lifestyle.

1. Skin Care Routine

You’ll need to establish one to see fast results. If you don’t currently have a Skin Care routine, here’s a bare minimum routine we’ve developed to get you started.

You want to cleanse your skin twice a day, with a gentle cleanser. Once right after waking up and again right before sleep. Cleansing will ensure any oils and dirt don’t clog your pores or cause further breakouts.

Exfoliate after cleansing in the morning, use a gentle scrub. Ensure you work the product in your trouble areas, this will promote blood flow and cellular regeneration. We advise you do this a maximum of three times a week, any more may be causing unwanted damage.

If you’ve acne prone skin, try a Salicylic Acid Solution, the acid exfoliates the inside walls of the pores and reduces inflammation. This can also help get at those pesky blackheads. We recommend The Ordinary’s Salicylic Acid solution, read our review here

If you have dry, dull skin try a rich moisturiser, coupled with a Hyaluronic Acid formulation. The acid helps to reduce redness and keeps your skin hydrated.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 for dull, dry skin


Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

We recommend this solution by The Ordinary, it won’t clog your pores and it’s very reasonably priced.

Trying to get rid of blackheads? Don’t squeeze them out. This can damage your skin and pores, and isn’t the best way to remove them. If you want quick results, try Bioré pore strips. We generally recommend you don’t use these as they can be quite harsh, but if you’re looking to quickly improve your complexion then it’s worth a go. Make sure you cleanse and steam your face prior to using these, to open your pores up. After using, splash your face with cold water and follow up with a moisturising serum.

2. Diet

You’d be surprised at how much of an effect diet has on the quality of your skin. Cut out the greasy food, anything high in sugars, carbonated beverages etc. It all needs to go, as hard as it might be. Your skin will thank you for it, and you will feel healthier in general.

Ensure you’re eating fruit and vegetables, these contain essential nutrients and anti-oxidants which are excellent for your overall health. Your skin may be suffering as a result of nutrient deficiencies. If you can’t consume fruit and veg regularly, consider using supplements. Try and purchase organic foods too, certain regular foods have traces of chemicals used during farming and transportation.

Also make sure you’re hydrated, drink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day. This will ensure you flush toxins out of your system.

3. Lifestyle

Are you stressed? This could be why your skin isn’t cooperating. Try and practise mindfulness, this can be through meditating or relaxing activities. We all have lives that are becoming increasingly hectic, it’s essential you occasionally take time to rest and recharge.

Sleep. This is absolutely crucial, cellular regeneration happens at night. Not sleeping enough is linked to an endless list of health conditions, including stress. Your sleeping position is as important as sleep itself, sleeping on your stomach stretches the facial skin and your neck muscles. This can cause premature wrinkles and neck pain.

Exercise. Working out helps increase blood circulation to the skin’s surface, this will mean essential nutrients will be transported to where they are needed. Exercising will also keep your heart and joints healthy, and is effective for stress management.

Change your sheets. Try and change your pillow case every day for a few days for immediate results, you don’t want to be rubbing your skin against a pillow which is covered in dirt.

Whether you’re looking to improve your skin for a special event or just for yourself, we hope these tips help you achieve your goal.

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