Diet Tips for Clear, Healthy Skin

Apple depicting a good diet leading to healthy skin

Your diet has a profound impact on the condition of your skin, read on to find diet tips and tricks to achieve healthy, clear skin.

Firstly, it’s not only about what you eat, but rather what you don’t eat, we’ll therefore start with some don’ts before moving onto the do’s

Diet Don’ts

Don’t consume foods high in sugar. Sugar causes premature ageing by directly reducing the quality of the collagen in your skin. This includes carbonated beverages and fruit juices, which are often loaded with sugar. The benefits of such juice is overwhelmed by the negatives, sugar leads to insulin spikes which can cause fat retention.

Don’t drink lots of alcohol, especially in the Winter. Your skin is more prone to drying out in the colder months, and we know alcohol causes dehydration. This dryness can accelerate the ageing process. Drink in moderation, both your liver and skin will appreciate it.

Don’t consume greasy foods, including deep fried goods. These foods lead to increase oil secretion, this can cause breakouts, blackheads, and an oily complexion. While such foods may taste good, it’s best to limit your intake. Examples of such food is fried chicken, pizza, and certain pastas.

Don’t consume large amounts of dairy, including cheese. Sorry cheese lovers, these food products are high in fats, and, like deep fried foods, can cause increased oil production and as a result, acne and blackheads.

Don’t consume foods high in sodium. Skip on the salt as it causes water retention. This can cause visible swelling around the face, not to mention the increase in your blood pressure.

Diet Do’s

Do consume healthy fats, these can be found in fish and nuts. Omega-3 fatty acids have been proven to improve skin quality, as well as providing several other healthy benefits.

Do consume Red Wine, in moderation however. A glass of red wine contains a chemical called Resveratrol, which supposedly slows the production of free radicals which are responsible for skin damage and ageing.

The information is somewhat conflicting however, the amount of the compound in a glass of wine may perhaps not be significant enough to provide any real benefits. The myth is perhaps propagated from countries where the red wine consumption is high; the population looks younger for their age. However this is now attributed to the higher consumption of healthy foods, including nuts, seeds, and fruit & veg.

Do consume dark chocolate. Replacing milk chocolate for dark chocolate is perhaps the best decision you can make, it has significantly less sugar and is absolutely packed with antioxidants.

Do try Green Tea. Like the previous foods, Green Tea is full of antioxidants which are essential for skin health. Stay away from the milk however, Green Tea should be consumed on it’s own, without sugar.

Do drink Water, lots of it. Water helps flush out those toxins which can cause an undesirable complexion. The amount you need to drink varies from person to person, but the general rule is 2 litres a day.

Do consume Kiwis, as they are packed with Vitamin C. This vitamin is responsible for collagen production, which keeps your skin firm and youthful. Any fruit/veg packed with Vitamin C is essential, just make sure they’re not high in sugar.

Do consume nuts and seeds. Seeds such as Sunflower Seeds are full of Vitamins, the most notable being Vitamin E. You might see the addition of this vitamin in lots of Skincare Products, as it works wonders for our complexion.

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