Why You NEED A Skincare Fridge

SubCold Mini Skincare Fridge

Skincare Fridges, a new concept to some, but are they really necessary? Read on to find out why you NEED a Skincare Fridge in, and what benefits they bring for all your skincare and cosmetic products.

So, what is a Skincare Fridge?

As the name suggests, it’s a small refrigerator for all your skincare products.

Why do I need A Skincare Fridge?

We recently wrote an article on the Top Skincare Trends to Anticipate in 2020, where we explained the rise of homemade, bespoke, and organic skincare products.

Now, if these products are organic they likely won’t last as long as other products which include preservatives. Especially if they’re made with organic plant matter. Putting products of this nature in the fridge will extend their life significantly; keeping them fresh, as well as reducing the amount of bacteria present inside. This is quite important considering these products are applied topically.

Which products should I put in the fridge?

AHA/BHA serums, fresh face masks, retinoids, organic moisturisers, eye creams, sunscreen. Oh and face mists, a cool spray on a hot day is very refreshing 🙂

Most products you own can be put in the fridge, extending their lifespan and keeping them fresh for longer.

Can’t I put them in my regular fridge?

Of course you can, but if you’re like me, you don’t have a fridge in your bathroom/bedroom. This can make it a bit tedious walking to and fro; especially if you have an extensive skin care routine. A small fridge in your bedroom is a far easier option.

Where can I get A Skincare Fridge?

You can purchase any mini-fridge from Amazon.com or similar retailers, we recommend checking the capacity of the fridge prior, to ensure all your products will fit.

Here are some recommendations nonetheless:

SubCold Ultra 6 Mini Fridge – Amazon.com

Subcold Super 50 LED – Amazon.com. The glass door on this one is a cool addition.

skin care fridge

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