Infused Water: Skincare Miracle Or Myth?

You might have heard of infused waters, infusions or detox water in the past. Many celebrities and influencers alike swear by their skin and health improving qualities; but are these waters actually beneficial for your skin and overall health? Read on to find out

Firstly, what is infused water?

Simply put, infused/detox water is water that has had fruits, herbs, vegetables or a combination of the three ‘infused’ or immersed into it. Doing this gives the water a slight flavorful taste and aroma, and some of the natural anti-oxidants present in these fruits and vegetables may end up infusing into the water.

These waters are very easy to make at home and many claim they have a range of benefits for the health and skin, below are just a few:

Infused water health benefits

Infused water supposedly has various health benefits, below are just a few of the claims made:

  • ‘Detoxifies’ the body
  • Improves skin clarity and health
  • Aids with weight loss
  • Improves digestive system
  • Minimises brain ‘fog’, improved mental clarity
  • Increased energy levels

So, infused water: miracle or myth?

The health benefits that come with drinking this infused water are less likely due to the infusions and instead to do with just the water. Keeping hydrated is absolutely critical for all bodily functions to perform at their best and by drinking more water you may be supplementing this.

The anecdotal evidence that has been provided again has less to do with the ingredients in the water and more with the additional water intake instead. As an example, if prior to starting an infused water program you only used to drink 5 glasses of water a day, and now, having strictly followed a regime you drink 8 glasses of water, it’s this additional intake that is providing benefits to your skin and health.

Drinking enough water means that your skin is better hydrated, more plump and better able to remove toxins that are responsible for acne and other skin conditions. This has little to no correlation with what you’re putting in the water, and just with the water instead.

The bottom line

Infusing your water with vegetables, herbs or fruits provides little additional benefit than drinking the water alone. That is not to say you shouldn’t drink infused water; infused waters often taste better than water alone and they can help you to achieve the recommended daily-water intake (roughly 8 glasses). Just don’t expect any drastic changes by throwing a lemon into your jug.

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