Jade Rollers: What They Are And Benefits Of Using One

jade roller

Jade rollers, another trendy skincare product being used by the likes of celebrities on social media and sparking the interest of us skin care enthusiasts. But what is a jade roller? And what are their benefits?

What is a Jade Roller?

A jade roller is a small handheld face roller, similar to a paint roller. They’re made from, you guessed it, jade (A green mineral). Although they are also commonly made from other gemstones such as rose quartz.

What are the benefits of using a jade roller?

The purpose of a jade roller is to improve blood circulation around the face which comes with many benefits. A few of these benefits are as follows;

Boosts circulation and improves radiance

Running a jade roller over the face promotes blood flow. Improved circulation helps carry nutrients and oxygen to the skin, making it look and feel more plump. This action can also help carry damaging toxins away from the skin, such as free radicals.

Eases inflammation, calms the skin

Running a cool jade roller over the face has a therapeutic feel to it, it’s almost like receiving a facial. This action of running a cool mineral over your face can help to ease inflammation and puffiness on the skin.

Improves product absorption

Using a jade roller after applying product such as serums helps promote penetration deep into the skin. Not only is the rolling effect pushing the product deep into your skin where it can work better, the improve blood flow helps carry these active ingredients to where they’re needed.

Reduces appearance of dark circles

By improving blood flow you’re making the skin around the eyes more plump, this can reduce the appearance of dark circles. You’re also calming the skin and reducing puffiness which is often responsible for dark circles.

Provides stress relief

Facial massages are linked with reduced levels of stress. The calming feeling jade rolling provides can help minimise overall stress levels, which can directly improve the condition of your skin. Self care is important, and implementing a jade roller into your skin routine may help you achieve this.

How to use a jade roller

Firstly, purchase a jade or rose quartz roller. I prefer the pink of the rose quartz but they both fundamentally do the same thing. I like to refrigerate my jade roller before use, as the cooling effect is amplified and feels sensational. Apply your desired serums or oils to the skin after a thorough cleanse as jade rolling will enhance product absorption.

Once you’ve applied your skin serums/oils, gently roll the jade roller over your face. Make sure you’re applying gentle pressure, your skin shouldn’t be pulling. Work your way from the inside of the face near the nose to the outside. Ensure you massage each area properly, it’s normal to spend a few minutes doing the whole face.

I spend a little extra time around my eyes and forehead, areas that could do with a little extra blood flow (esp. around the fine lines). Areas that are harder to reach can be tackled with the smaller end of the jade roller.

That’s all there is to jade rolling, it’s a simple but effective procedure with almost no risk of skin irritation.

Which jade roller should I buy?

Brushworks HD Jade Roller. A very reasonably priced Jade roller by Brushworks, made available through Boohoo. These are the original jade roller designs with two sizes of rollers for different areas on your face.

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Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Herbivore Botanicals – Rose Quartz Facial Roller. This is an excellent high quality bit of kit suitable for all skin types. Not to mention it looks gorgeous.

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