Skincare Essentials For Travel Enthusiasts

Whether it’s a weekend away at your parents or an extended road-trip vacation, it can be difficult to know which skincare products you should take along with you. By only taking the essentials when travelling you’ll be lightening your load, beating those pesky airport liquid limits and simplifying your skincare regime. This means peace of mind when travelling; exactly what you need for a relaxing holiday. Here are the essentials you should be taking when travelling:


Perhaps the most important item whether you’re travelling or not. Cleansing your skin will wash away any impurities, dirt and oils that have the potential to clog your pores. This will keep your skin healthy and happy. If travelling by air, fill a 100 ml bottle with your favourite cleanser to ensure you get your cleansing fix when away.

Face wipes

You might be able to get away with face wipes if you’re only away for a couple days and tight on space. Face wipes can help to remove makeup, dirt and oils from your face. Some even include active spot and blemish fighting ingredients which is always a plus.

Clinique Take the Day Off™ Micellar Cleansing Towelettes for Face & Eyes

CLINIQUE: TAKE THE DAY OFF FACE AND EYE CLEANSING TOWELETTES, £17.00 (Pack of 50). These are some very effective cleansing towelettes with micellar liquid to wipe away makeup and dirt with ease.

Exfoliating scrubs (Optional)

Exfoliating scrubs are only really necessary if you’re away from an extended period of time. You could even replace the physical exfoliant which will likely take up quite a bit of bag space with a chemical exfoliant which usually come in smaller dropper bottles.


This is crucial when travelling, especially in hotter climates. The rule is if the sun’s out, apply that SPF lotion; the last thing you want on vacation is a sunburn. We recommend a minimum of SPF 30+ with broad spectrum protection to save your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays. SPF lotions also protect from harmful pollutants which can disrupt the skin’s natural barrier function, especially important in city environments.

Oil Free Matte SPF30 - Dermalogica - Skincity

DERMALOGICA – OIL FREE MATTE SPF 30, £46.50. A fantastic sunscreen with broad spectrum protection and the added benefit of controlling shine. Comes in a travel-friendly size.


You still need to moisturise your skin to replenish lost hydration from cleansing or if you suffer from dry skin. If you’re going to be travelling during summer or in warmer climates, use a gel-based moisturiser which will feel nice and light on your skin without clogging pores.

Ultra Facial Gel-Cream

KIEHL’S ULTRA FACIAL OIL-FREE GEL CREAM, £26.00. This cream controls shine and provides excellent hydration for up to 4 hours. This tub is 50ml so no need to worry about transferring contents to another container.


We recommend you only take ONE serum, the one that you need to most to conserve space and keep your skincare simple. The last thing you want to be doing whilst away is spending ages on your skincare routine. The serum you take will depend on your skin concern, if you’re prone to breaking out in the heat try a serum with glycolic acid or salicylic acid, two excellent exfoliating and spot fighting acids. If you suffer from dry skin and are visiting somewhere cooler, try a serum with hyaluronic acid.


Make sure you don’t forget your tweezers when you’re away for extended periods of time. Having a handy pair of tweezers can get you out of a rut; whether this be for touching up your eyebrows; fixing eyelashes or other situations where you require some precision.

To sum it up

We hope this article has helped you decide a little better on the products you actually need to take when you’re away. The staple products include a cleanser, moisturiser and SPF; anything else is a bonus. Try to reduce the number of products which will in turn simplify your skincare regime. This means you’ll have more time to crack on with holiday shenanigans. Happy travelling!

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