The Top 5 Luxury Skincare Brands In 2020

We all love a bit of luxury from time to time, whether this be through sporting designer garments or driving fancy cars; treating yourself every now and then is definitely a form of self care. Luxury skin care brands are on the up, but here are the top 5 most luxurious skincare brands in 2020:

#1 La Prairie (

No doubt one of the most luxurious skincare and health brands out there. You’ll find La Prairie items stocked at the likes of Harrods, costing sometimes upwards of £500 per formulation.

Founded in Montreux, Switzerland, the origins of the brand are from an anti-aging therapy perspective. Nowadays you’ll find ingredients such as caviar infused into the formulations to lift and firm the skin. La Prairie also infuse fine fragrances into their products so you can indulge in a true at-home spa experience.

#2 Vine Vera (

Founded in 2011, Vine Vera’s focus is to provide skin care products for both sexes to transform complexions and skin care regimes.

Vine Vera primarily focuses on the addition of Resveratrol into their products. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant derived from red grapes, and it is seen to slow down the aging process; thus preventing fine lines and wrinkles from appearing.

#3 La Mer (

A tailored approach to skincare, La Mer was founded in 1965 by Huber. Crème de la mer was the original formulation, which literally translates to cream of the sea. Estée Lauder purchased the brand after Huber’s death in 1991, which sort of explains the luxury factor.

La Mer use combinations of natural ingredients to create tailored products for all skin types.

Creme De La Mer
Blue Heart Crème de la Mer, RRP: £355

#4 Sisley Paris (

Sisley Paris is a luxury cosmetic and perfume brand founded in 1972 in Paris, France. Plants and essential oils are a core part of Sisley’s formulations and harmony is achieved between nature and the lab.

Sisley’s expertise is in anti-aging, hydration and sun protection and they work hard to meet the needs of all skin types.

#5 Estée Lauder (

While Estée Lauder perhaps isn’t the most expensive brand it doesn’t at all take away from the luxury factor. All of Estée Lauder’s products come excellently packaged with various flashy bottles and tubs to spice up your bathroom cabinet.

Estée Lauder was founded in 1946 in New York City, USA. They’re now a global giant who own many other companies (including La Mer as mentioned above). Estée Lauder produce many different lines of products for all skin types and concerns, particularly anti-aging.

Which one of these luxury skincare brands are your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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