Using Someone Else’s Skincare Routine – A Bad Idea?

Is following another persons’ skincare routine a good idea? (Beauty bloggers, celebrities, etc) or are you wasting your time?

You likely are.

The influence media has is massive, this applies to the skincare world too. If a celebrity admits to using a certain product, sales of that product will undoubtedly increase. What we’re seeing more of is the skincare routines of celebrities, some of which are published by Vogue Magazine amongst other high fashion & lifestyle magazines.

Seeing such routines, as well as the condition of the skin of the people who make these videos (often flawless), makes you wonder whether doing exactly what they’re doing will give you the same results. Some stop wondering and decide to purchase the exact products and follow the regime down to every last detail. Is this a good idea, or just a clever marketing ploy?

Probably the latter. You’d be surprised how your subconscious mind deals with things, and big companies are always finding new ways to get into your head. Definitely not new news that they will also employ celebrities and online personalities/bloggers to push products to you, the consumer.

Some things to remember here.

Firstly, they probably have a different skin type to you. No matter how well you follow their routine, if you have a different skin-type you will absolutely not see the results you expected.

The solution to this? Know what you’re buying. Before you blindly purchase what is recommended, make sure you do your research. Know the ingredients in the product and what skin type it’s recommended for, compare this with products you may have used in the past. This will ensure you buy exactly what your skin needs, no point in buying a thick moisturiser if you have oily skin and vice versa.

Secondly, they might be getting paid to push a certain or several products.

Why is this a bad thing? Because they might not even be using the products at all. This is surprisingly common, and you might be falling into their trap.

How can you know for sure?

Well, you can’t. They could be using it all the time, or they couldn’t you just can’t know for sure. But why take the risk, if you already have a similar product what’s the point of replacing it with another. The goal is always to minimise and reduce.

Finally, the viral beauty bloggers and celebrities have access to resources most of us don’t. This includes frequent visits to dermatologists and skincare experts, as well as dietitians and the list goes on.

The average consumer (you and I) don’t necessarily have as much help day to day, and this can reflect in the quality of your skin. No amount of product will improve this for you and it’s something most of us need to come to terms with. We can try to keep a good diet and try and understand our skin fully, but it often won’t match that achievable with professional help. Don’t get me wrong here though, doing it yourself is the option for most and you can still achieve excellent results.

So to sum it up, is it a bad idea?

Only if you’re following it blindly. You have to ensure you do your research, understand what works for your skin and only then follow the appropriate advice. Don’t get caught up following another individuals’ beauty regime step by step, create your own with items you know to have worked in the past.

Having said that, seeing what others are doing is a good place for inspiration as well as finding new products, just don’t take it too seriously

Oh. and drink water, lots of water

– Obviously Skincare

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